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Team Building • Leadership • Communication

Devon Adventure Training have been providing personal development courses since 1990. These courses have evolved to be informative and interesting but also fun and exciting. Participants can gain a sense of personal achievement and develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills that are relevant to the workplace.


The outdoors is a stimulating and safe environment where decisions and actions are distanced from the workplace. Job related knowledge and ability no longer decide results and participants see the effects of their actions and behaviour more clearly.


By introducing participants to a series of short structured tasks, teams can discuss their achievements in review sessions following the activities and can then reflect on their performance.


Adventure Activities during courses include Climbing, Caving, Abseiling, Canoeing, River Crossing Exercise and Gorge Scrambling.


Courses can be one to five day, residential or non residential and can be adapted to fit your requirements, on content and duration.




Dartmoor Challenge • Pengelly Challenge

These Team Challenges involve solving many different types of problems, with the overall objective of finding a hidden prize. These training days enable teams to work on their group skills and allow participants the opportunity to practice leadership.



pengelly centre

This Team Building Challenge takes place in a wood on the southwest edge of Dartmoor and involves two teams navigating through a series of locations. At each location the teams must complete an exercise or challenge before obtaining a clue to the next location. At the last location after completing an activity the team find a hidden prize.


This day is mainly team orientated but with a chance for all the participants to practice leadership, as this role is rotated around the team during the day. This challenge also makes a good one off team building day.


Outdoor adventure activities included in the day are Climbing, Abseiling and a River Crossing Exercise. There are no facilities at this location.




This Team Building Challenge takes place at the Pengelly Centre in Buckfastleigh and involves solving a number of exercises and problems before navigating to a hidden prize.


This challenge is good for team building, but is more involved for the team leader. The team leader role is not rotated but remains with the same person throughout the challenge and allows them to practice their project management skills.


Outdoor adventure activities included in the day are caving. There are toilet and kitchen facilities at the Pengelly Centre.


pengelly centre

A choice of accommodation is available, from moorland hotels to bunkhouses of varying standards. Course duration can be between 2 and 5 days, during the week or at weekends.