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This Team Building Challenge involves two teams navigating through a series of locations. At each location the teams must complete an exercise or challenge before obtaining a clue to the next location. At the last location after completing an activity the team find a hidden prize.


This day is mainly team orientated but with a chance for all the participants to practice leadership, as this role is rotated around the team during the day.


This challenge makes a good one off team building day and being modular in it's design, we can add or subtract tasks to suit your requirements.



The challenge is normally run with two teams of between 4 and 8 people. Both teams start at the same time and initially have different routes.


The first task is a team exercise where the team have to recover an oblect from a designated area that they cannot enter. They must use the equipment provided to remotely lift the object out of the area.


After completeing this exercise they are given a clue to the next location, which is either a blindfold climb challenge or a river crossing exercise.


pengelly centre

When the teams complete these tasks they swap over and complete the two tasks that the other team have just completed.


The group can now meet and have lunch together before continuing the rest of the challenge.


The next task is to recover a container from a pipe. This is a simple and possibly wet team exercise.


The teams then navigate their way via a bridge and tunnel to the final task of the day, The team solve the puzzle to retreive the prize to complete the challenge.